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Adding a concrete structure to your commercial property enhances the look and value of your building and provides a strong foundation. However, such projects require expertise and precision to avoid costly and stressful issues down the line. Fortunately, at Slate Stone Construction, we’re here to help!

We’ve served the Houston, TX, area with top commercial concrete services for over 20 years. Thanks to our expertise, we understand that providing your commercial property with a robust concrete foundation is key to ensuring its protection, and we’re here to build it for you. We’re trained and well-equipped to undertake any project size, so you can rely on us!


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A Complete And Reliable Commercial Solution

As the expert concrete contractors in Houston, TX, we offer various services designed to cater to all your concrete needs. These services include concrete installation, repair, and maintenance for parking lots, sidewalks, foundations, and building structures.

At our expert concrete company, our concrete processes include the following:

  1. Site preparation
  2. Forming and pouring the foundation
  3. Curing and finishing
  4. Sealing and protecting

Whether you need a new structure or just a minor concrete repair for your current one, we’ve got you covered.

Needing Concrete Experts? – We’re Your Trusted Partner

At Slate Stone Construction in Houston, TX, all our services are conducted with precision and expert workmanship, ensuring that your commercial property receives the best quality of services. As the local concrete company, we’re familiar with the area’s climate and soil conditions, enabling us to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your property.

We stand out for our commitment to using high-quality materials and employing skilled professionals for superior results. Our reliable concrete contractors have the necessary expertise in concrete design, installation techniques, and adherence to industry best practices for durability, longevity, and safety.

Experience the Transformation with Slate Stone Construction!

A weak concrete structure may not seem like a big issue, but it can lead to costly problems and pose safety hazards. Don’t wait until things get out of hand – let our team at Slate Stone Construction provide you with top-rated commercial concrete services! Our dedication to quality and excellence sets us apart in the construction industry. 

We’re dedicated to transforming spaces into beautiful, functional areas you can enjoy for years! We also specialize in roofing, custom outdoor living areas, decorative concrete, home remodeling, and more.

Work with our reliable concrete contractors in Houston, TX, in 3 simple steps:



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Receive a personalized plan and transparent quote tailored to your property needs.



Enjoy a hassle-free, professional concrete service that will enhance the condition of your property!

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